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Earthco Soil Mixtures are pre-mixed, fertile organic soil blends for the residential landscaper and gardener. These quality topsoils are excellent for planting flower and vegetable gardens and grass cover.

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In any soil profile, topsoil is the most fertile, darkest in colour due to its high organic matter content, and has better soil structure than its underlying counterparts. It is this layer of soil which is greatly responsible for sustaining vigorous and healthy plant life, giving merit to the focus of our interest.

Our quality residential topsoil products:

Screened Topsoil

Topsoil from a stockpile that has been processed by "screening" through a 1/2" (12 mm) screen and marketed for use. This material is easy to work with since many soil clumps, rocks, roots, and unwanted debris over 1/2" (12 mm) in size have been removed. Depending on the soil’s characteristics, such as soil texture (% sand, % silt, and % clay), pH, and organic content, this screened product has a variety of uses. Our screened topsoil meets OPSS 802 specifications.

Primary Uses: Ideal for replacing topsoil around new construction projects, sidewalks, and boulevards; for building up-, leveling off- and preparing grade surfaces for new sod, and as a base for growing grass seed in commercial areas. In some cases, screened topsoil has been used to plant large trees and shrubs supplied by tree growers and garden centers.

Triple Mix

A generic soil term which in its simplicity means "a blend of three components". In the soil blending industry, the term Triple Mix has been loosely used to describe or imply a soil which is enhanced or enriched to provide and sustain healthy and vigorous plant growth. There are many variations of triple mix available, ranging in composition, texture, bulk density, workability, fertility, functional performance and colour. Our "Triple Mix" is composed of Topsoil, Compost (from decomposed leaf and yard trimmings, bark, and source-separated organics) and Peat Loam, and is processed through a 1/2" screen. The added organic matter improves soil structure and stability, nutrient levels, moisture content and air porosity, thereby helping new plants to grow & thrive. Our Triple Mix ranges in colour from dark brown to black.

Primary Uses: Ideal for creating new gardens; reviving and replenishing existing garden areas; planting trees and shrubs; planting flowers and garden vegetables; growing new lawns from sod or seed.

Premium Soil Mix

Our Premium Soil Mix is an organic soil blend that is an enhanced form of our Triple mix. We say "enhanced" because over 50% of this blend consists of organic soil conditioners. Our Premium Soil Mix is composed of 50 to 60% Compost, 10 to 30% Sandy Topsoil, and 10 to 30% Peat Loam. This blend is processed through a 1/4" screen and is dark brown to black in colour, which “enhances” its aesthetic appeal.

Primary Uses: Ideal for topdressing lawn areas, creating new gardens, and reviving existing planting beds. This blend is an excellent conditioner that improves your soil’s nutrient exchange capacity, organic matter level, moisture availability, aeration, and structure.

50/50 Planting Mix

This is our most economical "triple mix". It is a blend of Screened Topsoil and Compost, and is processed through a 1/2" screen. The inherent soil characteristics of screened topsoil, such as organic content and nutrient levels, are enhanced with the addition of compost.

Primary Uses: Ideal for creating new planting beds in commercial landscape construction projects, and for planting trees and shrubs. It can also be used as a base for new sod.


Bark Mulches are derived from raw bark reclaimed from wood processing mills and the pulp and paper industry. The raw bark is stripped from tree logs, then mechanically shred, ground and screened to the desired size. Bark mulches vary according to the type of tree species being used; bark texture, age, colour and aroma each have a unique effect on mulch appearance and properties.

Wood Mulches are derived from the composting industry’s overburden wood residue (partially decomposed tree and shrub brush, and uprooted tree stumps), as well as chemical-free construction and industrial wood waste. Wood Mulches have transformed what was once considered wood waste into a beneficial commodity for the landscape industry.

Primary Uses – In general, mulches are used as ground cover around trees and shrubs, in flower gardens, and as matting for open dusty areas and pathways. Mulches have gained much popularity for the many recognized benefits they provide to gardening and planting. They are used to help maintain good moisture levels in soils around plants. In hot temperatures, mulch helps keep the root zone of plants cool and moist, reducing watering requirements. In cold temperatures, mulch offers protection from frost by acting as an insulator. Mulch also suppresses weed growth, helping to reduce property maintenance hours. Finally, through decomposition, mulch returns organic matter to the soil, improving overall fertility.

Environmentally friendly, naturally-derived colourants can be added to mulch to increase their aesthetic appeal. This process provides long-lasting colour to mulch for enhancing landscapes.

Shredded Pine Bark Mulch

A freshly-ground blend of pine species. This mulch is aromatic, and has a natural reddish-brown colour. It has a finely-shredded uniform texture and knits together very well. Over time, through decomposition and decay, this mulch will age to a black colour and enrich the underlying soil by decreasing the pH (decomposed pine bark is acidic), thereby improving its fertility (more nutrients available for plant uptake), and increasing the organic matter content.

Primary Uses: This mulch is frequently specified in construction documents, and recommended by landscape architects. Conditions soil and reduces property maintenance.

Classic Cedar Mulch

This mulch is produced from freshly-ground white cedar bark, has a fine-to-medium fibrous texture, and knits together very well. It has a distinctive natural cedar aroma, and natural golden brown colour. This mulch weathers well, and is slow to decompose.

Using environmentally friendly, natural colourants, this mulch is also available in 5 different colours - Natural Red, Bright Red, Black, Brown and Gold. These pigments are environmentally friendly, absorb efficiently into the wood, are UV stable, and do not readily "wash" away. Please contact our head office at 416.798.7050 to confirm product availability.

Primary Uses: This mulch is frequently specified in construction documents, and recommended by landscape architects. Through the use of colour, these mulches are aesthetically enhanced to naturally accent landscapes.

Composted Pine Bark Mulch

This unique mulch is considered the elite of our available bark mulches. It is processed from fresh pine bark, and composted until mature. It has a fine-to-medium texture, and a long-lasting, natural, dark colour. Since this product has already gone through the composting process, it is an excellent soil conditioner and can be tilled into your garden, unlike other mulches. Compost Pine Bark Mulch’s acidic pH, high organic matter content, and biologically dynamic properties make it beneficial for any garden.

Primary Uses: Used to enhance colour, and enrich your garden. An excellent organic material for amending soils and producing custom soil blends.

Black Wood Mulch

Fine- to medium-textured hardwood blend of mulch dyed with naturally-occurring black pigment. This long-lasting colourant is environmentally friendly, efficiently absorbed by the wood, is UV stable, and does not readily "wash" away. Black Wood Mulch decomposes slowly and wears well. This mulch slowly adds organic matter to soil through decomposition, maintains soil moisture, and suppresses weed growth. Naturally-dyed "Red" Wood Mulch and "Brown" Wood Mulch are also available.

Primary Uses: Ideal for aesthetically enhancing and accenting landscape features; helping to improve soil quality, and reducing property maintenance hours.


Compost is decomposed and aged organic matter that is dark in colour and has a friable (crumbly) texture. The majority of compost is produced by aerobic (biological) decomposition of organic matter sources. Organic sources include leaves, yard trimmings, grass clippings, wood chips, paper fiber, bark, food scraps, and other vegetative matter. Compost can be made by any combination of these sources listed, and depending on the sources used, will vary in texture and chemical properties. The final product suitable for the consumer market is Category A Compost, as designated by the Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment (CCME) Guidelines. This product is well-decomposed, stable, biologically-dynamic and nutrient rich.

Compost provides numerous benefits for the end user. As a soil amendment in landscaping (and all gardening), Compost greatly improves the overall soil quality of our gardens, promoting healthy vegetative growth and establishment. More specifically, Compost is an excellent soil conditioner that improves soil structure, increases soil fertility, promotes healthy microorganism and earthworm proliferation, reduces soil compaction, improves soil aeration, improves water penetration and moisture retention of the soil, and moderates soil temperatures.

Compost is especially beneficial for land remediation and restoration by reducing soil erosion and movement, controlling dust and sedimentation, and can bind and degrade specific contaminants (toxic substances) in the soil.

Mushroom Compost

Mushroom Compost is composed of peat moss, vegetative fibers, manure, chemical fertilizer residues, and decomposed mushrooms. Mushroom Compost is the growing medium and by-product of the mushroom farming industry. It is an unscreened product, and depending on how and where it is stored and stockpiled at the farm source, it may contain some foreign content, such as wood debris and container materials (including plastic and cardboard). The organic sources listed in this compost are partially decomposed and therefore will still be quite "hot"; actively working to complete the decomposition process. Since Mushroom Compost it is partially decomposed, it will have a strong "manure"-like odour that can be unpleasant to the sense of smell. However, the odour does dissipate quickly while exposed to oxygen (air). Notwithstanding its strong odour; however, mushroom compost provides many benefits that fully cured compost does.

Screened Mushroom Compost

Mushroom Compost that is processed through a 1/2" screen to remove any large clumps and foreign material greater than the screen size.

Primary Uses: As a screened product, Screened Mushroom Compost is used as a soil conditioner in new and existing garden beds, and in the production of soil blends. In small quantities, Screened Mushroom Compost has also been used successfully in topdressing lawns. Mushroom Compost Acts like a strong fertilizer, so care must be taken when utilized in any application to ensure optimum performance.

Classic Compost

Fine- to medium-textured, mature Compost with generous amounts of composted fines, and minimal woody content. Classic Compost is processed through a 1/2" screen to ensure product uniformity.

Primary Uses: An excellent soil conditioner and amendment product! Classic Compost is used for topping-up and blending into gardens. It is also used in our various soil blends to further enhance the properties of our carefully-sourced topsoil. In commercial applications, Compost is used for terraseeding.

Premium Compost

Fine-textured, mature Compost with generous amounts of composted fines, and minimal woody content. Premium Compost is processed through a 1/4" screen to ensure product uniformity.

Primary Uses: An excellent soil conditioner and amendment product! Premium Compost is used for topping-up and blending into gardens. It is also used in our various soil blends to further enhance the properties of our carefully-sourced topsoil. In commercial applications, Compost is used for terraseeding.

Earthco provides an extensive list of unique and custom mixes for a variety of uses. Additional products not listed above are available.

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