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At Earthco Soil Mixtures, we ensure the quality and consistency of all of our products by utilizing the latest in screening equipment technologies to process materials right from the source.We’re a leader in the landscape and horticultural industry. Our combination of supplying quality topsoil products and providing dependable customer service makes us a superior choice. Earthco Soil Mixtures’ extensive network of landscape architects, soil testing agencies and other industry professionals help ensure and exceed industry standards. Here are our specialty mix products and their primary uses that we produce and supply to our customers:



Earthco Soil Mixtures has over a decade of experience as a licensed producer of CU-Structural Soil™, licensed by Amereq Corp. This soil and aggregate blend was designed by Cornell University to fulfill the horticultural needs of sustaining tree growth in an urban environment, while also meeting the compaction and load-bearing requirements as a pavement base course. CU-Structural Soil™ consists of clay loam soil, porous aggregate and hydrogel slurry to bind the soil and aggregate. When compacted as a base course for paving, CU-Structural Soil™ forms a lattice for root growth with sufficient drainage and aeration to sustain healthy trees.


Primary Uses: Ideal for tree planters along sidewalks, boulevards, and in parking lots. Recommended for projects in highly trafficked urban environments with insufficient area for open tree pits; also suitable for stormwater capture beneath porous pavement.



Our Structural Cell Soil consists of a blend of our topsoil, coarse sand and a long-lasting organic matter material. With its sandy composition our Soil Cell mixture maintains sufficient water drainage to promote and sustain tree growth in urban areas. Earthco Soil Mixtures recognizes that satisfying load-bearing requirements without compromising soil volume and structure in an urban environment is a challenging design issue. As a result, we have custom-designed soil that is ideal for installation with Structural Cells. Our soil consists of a blend of topsoil, coarse sand, and organic matter, and is processed through a 1/2” screen. Our Structural Cell Soil maintains sufficient water drainage to sustain tree growth in an urban environment.


Primary Uses: This mixture was specifically designed to be used in sub-grade soil cells; it offers enough friability to allow for large scale plant growth while offering the structural support soil cells require.



As our developed landscape becomes more and more impermeable there is an increased need for stormwater and pollution management within urban areas.


Primarily utilized in bio-swales, this mixture is designed to have a high percolation rate in order to prevent surface ponding after a rainfall event. Utilizing low amounts of specific organic matters, this mixture is also quite useful in sequestering pollutants as water flows through the media. Even with its extremely sandy composition, our Bioretention Soil mixture is able to support low to moderate levels of vegetation growth.

% Sand; pH: 7.5 to 8.0; Organic Matter Content: >3%



As an alternative to our standard Earthco™ Bioretention Soil, we offer a phosphoric sequestering bioretention filter media. Made with a low phosphorus premium organic matter and high-grade granitic sand inclusive of iron filings, this soil blend is an engineered filter media specifically designed for stormwater-runoff, bio-swales and use in bio-retention systems.


Primary Uses: Bioswales, Bio-retentive ponds,



We can create custom soil and aggregate blends for sports fields, ball diamonds and golf courses that are customized and performance-engineered for your specific application. We also regularly stock Category 1, 2 & 3 Sports-field blends meeting STA standards.


Primary Uses: Sport-fields construction.


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